Cutting Edge Technology Consulting.

How we can help

Magic Lens helps translate your ideas into product. We were founded by a Molecular Biologist and an Electrical Engineer, in 2011.

We have worked with many companies for over a decade, both large and small, in several verticals: Wearables, Data Analysis, Storage, Security, Database Acceleration, Wireless, Robotics to name a few.

Our founders have deep academic experience, with post-doctoral research in genetics, doctoral work in advanced DSP as well as several decades of implementation experience.

Have some python code and want a chip built to accelerate the application: we can deliver?

Have reams of labarotory data from biological control experiments and you want to apply AI techniques to analyze (e.g. drug discovery)?

Building a complex chip or want to prototype an algorithm on FPGA?

Want to design a signal procesing algorithm for sensor data and then implement it in hardware?

We can help.