Anil Kavipurapu

Anil Kavipurapu is a systems engineer with specialization in Signal Processing and Communications and extensive coursework in Computer Science. He has a diverse range of skillsets and experience in both startups and Fortune500 companies in management and individual roles.

Anil started his career at Rockwell Semiconductors (Connexant) and then Lucent Microelectronics designing the Signal Processing intensive Physical Layer blocks in DSL (broadband over copper) chips. The IP developed by Anil as part of the HDSL PHY at Lucent Micro was acquired by Cicada semiconductor. Anil has worked on FPGA and ASIC DSP designs in diverse verticals: data transmission over power lines,copper and wireless, imaging, networking and medical devices. Anil consulted with companies in the field of storage,with both solid-state/NAND Flash and Carbon Nanotube memories.

He was involved in a customer facing applications engineering role in the Electronic Design Automation space providing technical support for Synplify-DSP upon its release: Synyplify’s Simulink to RTL high level synthesis flow. He supported many customers on several facets of their FPGA Synplicity design flow.

Anil worked in the wireless space, as Director of Embedded Systems, at a medium sized wireless-test equipment company. The company’s product has been widely adopted by all leading wireless chipset manufacturers and ODMs’. At the company he led a geographically distributed team of Software , Systems and Hardware engineers and also did hands on FPGA design,

Prior to Magic Lens, Anil was the co-founder of IRIS Technologies Inc which built a multi-FPGA based System on a Chip (SOC) prototyping solution.The IRIS platform has been adopted by several Top-25 global semiconductor companies. IRIS Technologies was acquired by Polaris Design Systems. The technology developed by Anil and his team continues to ship to marquee repeat customers.

At Magic Lens Anil has been involved in FPGA, Algorithm and Systems design and architecture in different verticals:  a portable finger-print sensor, Ultrasound imaging for arterial blockage profiling, a Data-Center storage management box, Enterprise SSD, Consumer mobile-form factor camera, Big Data Appliance, Novel indoor GPS technology,  travel centric Mobile App, REST-ful prediction service  using scikit-learn, to name a few. In all these products, Anil has been involved in  architecture and hands on coding using a variety of languages and frameworks at all layers of the stack: from the chip to the server.

Anil is an accomplished tennis player having played on the university team and intramurals


Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, BS Electrical Engineering

Outstanding achievement award: special resolution by the IITK senate to grant a change of Major against standing university policy, in recognition of excellent scholastic and athletic achievement: a first in IITK history.

Georgia Institute of Technology, MSEE and PhD candidate

Research domain DSP: Rapid Prototyping of Application Specific Signal Processors. Computer Science course work in Analysis of Algorithms, Advanced Operating Systems,High Speed switching, Parallel Computing


Anil continues to retain his passion for learning as he has completed/is auditing several offerings: Certificates in Big Data and Machine Learning with Apache Spark (Data Bricks/UC Berkeley) , Databases, SaaS, Machine Learning, Interactive Python Programming, Social Network Analysis, BigData and Web Intelligence, Operations Management, Compilers, Human Computer Interface, Statistics and others. Anil is a very enthusiastic participant in the transformational MOOC movement.