System Architecture

System Architecture, Partitioning and Optimal Constrained Path to Product

We can help you Architect your system to meet your market and product requirements.

You have done your system level modeling and have a good idea of the algorithms and the theory of operation at a high level of abstraction: its time to get answers to some questions-

What goes into hardware, what into software, what in firmware and what into FPGAs , GPUs or other custom offload engines?
Do I need some offload processing?
Can I simply run this on the cloud with AWS?
Is this battery enough ?
How big will my PCB be ?
Is this too slow ?
Is the latency too high ?
Will I meet my hard/soft real-time requirements?
What data-model should I use: client server or peer to peer?
What are the best component selections to avoid obsolescence ?
What hooks should I have for Design for Testability?
What software and hardware hooks should I have for Design for Usability?
What are the inherent risks in the various architectures ?
How will this affect my Time to Market ?
Are there ways I can mitigate risk without too much additional Opex/Capex/Resource outlay?
What is my targeted customer use/work-flow: what engineering considerations need to  be taken to make this a seamless user experience?

We can work with you in extracting and generating more detailed specifications and design partitioning from your high-level requirements. We can perform a trade-off amongst the many parameter in play;desired System Performance: Throughput and Latency, Power consumption and Power budgeting, Capex, NRE costs,Production BOM/unit costs, projected Sustenance cost, Development time based on architectural choices and how your choices would feed into a risk matrix: Supply-chain/Technical/Market risks.

There are a myriad of questions to be answered and we work with you to offer thorough, analytical inputs for your decision making and project management process.