System Modeling, Algorithms

We can help you test/simulate your concept and develop a Proof of concept.

You know what you want to do, you have a feel for the market.  Its time get answers to some questions:

What are the subsystems in my design?
What algorithm(s) makes sense for my data-path?
How much memory will I need?
What are the bottlenecks in my processing pipeline?
Are there any patterns in my data that I can leverage?
Should I use a SVM,Knn, clustering, 1/2/3 stage Neural Network?
How should I split my processing stages?
Will my algorithm implementable on commercially available platforms?
What should be the resolution of my Analog to Digital Converter?
What should be my sampling rate/channel?
What should be the resolution of the different stages of the pipeline?
Which subsystems communicate synchronously and which asynchronously?
What is the computational complexity of my algorithm?

We can work with you to model your system in a high level ESL language to derive answers to these and make trade-offs, based on your project objectives.