Cost Effective FPGA Design Flow

Mar, 05, 2013 admin Blog 0

        Fig1: A typical FPGA Design Flow Different stages of the FPGA project work-flow require differing degrees of knowledge of the design under progress and also differing degrees human involvement, as shown in the figure above. Given the varying amenability to automation of the differing design stages, the most optimal resource utilization …

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Effective Board Design Process

Feb, 11, 2013 admin Blog, Uncategorized 0

I have been involved in several organizations which had custom hardware components in their system. There was a wide mix of practices in these organizations regards their approach to board design: PCB Design and Layout.  Given this is typically a one-off task in the system design flow, the schematics design and/or layout was often outsourced …

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Creating Entry and Displacement Barriers in the Mobile App space.

Jan, 15, 2013 admin Blog, Uncategorized 0

Given the ubiquity of the mobile platforms, and the flood of apps how then is one to create a competitive barrier in the mobile enabled space? Here I underline some of my thoughts: A purely app  based play , that uses the same API’s as any other app and leverages the same sensor platform of …

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Mobile App Landscape

Jan, 13, 2013 admin Blog, Uncategorized 0

I was recently touring old gold-mines in the California gold-rush region and some of the pictures of prospectors and mine-equipment from the 19th century were a stark reminder of how a lot has changed for the better since then regards working conditions and socioeconomic opportunity divide However, some aspects such as the boom and bust …

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Welcome to Magic Lens

Nov, 21, 2012 admin Blog 0

I will be blogging here periodically about my opinion on latest tech trends, industry news and design methodologies. I would welcome, and look forward to your feedback on my posts. Thank you for visiting us. -Anil

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